The Client Experience Is Everything

Elevate the loan closing experience with us.

In today’s financial services environment, where services and price can be quickly matched by competitors, the client experience is quickly emerging as one of the primary drivers of differentiation, and ultimately client preference. Yet, the client experience during the mortgage loan closing process falls short of expectations, where gaps exist between the type of service high net worth clients have come to expect, and what they believe they receive – even during a smooth transaction.

Most firms struggle with how best to consistently deliver an exceptional client experiences to this discerning client base.

Until now.

The leadership team at Mortgage Connect has extensive, first-hand experience working with individuals and families of unique wealth, which translates into a deep understanding of your clients’ sophisticated expectations. Our roots in the high net worth financial advisory sector coupled with twenty years of experience building and operating one of the nation’s top settlement service companies gives us unmatched expertise in delivering the ultimate private wealth loan closing model.

Just as it is today, our mission was to consistently deliver an exceptional client experience – one that was personal, repeatable and sustainable, resulting in client preference and loyalty.
We succeeded.

When our clients add our services into their mix, client satisfaction and retention increased dramatically. The most effective way to serve your high net worth clients is to shift from a process-centric closing to one that is client-centric.

Mortgage Connect is uniquely qualified to deliver an exceptional client experience at scale.